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About us

The Perfect company is founded in 2010 in Ukraine and has 6 branches.
License of the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine No. 881 of 15.08.2015

Primary activity:

  • help in employment in the countries of Europe for citizens of Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Moldova, Armenia, Georgia.
  • help in applying visas.


Perfect spzoo

In 2016 was founded the Perfect Sp.z.o. company in the city of Krakow.
The company works at the legal bases and has the license No. 13654 10.03.2016

Services of agency:

  • Working visas to Poland;
  • Working visas to the Czech Republic and Lithuania;
  • Help in a booking of tickets tickets and hotels;

Our vacancies:

  • Poland: work on production of furniture, on construction objects, in warehouses, factories and greenhouses for general workers; work of turners, engineers, welders, plumbers for workers with qualification level.
  • Czech Republic: vacancies for non-core workers over all country; work in warehouses and automobile factories in Prague and Brno, personnel for hotels and restaurant business in Karlovy Vary.